Freezer Tip


iceIf you have a chest freezer, consider keeping a bag of ice and at least two or three quart or larger containers of water in it. This supply makes a “mini-freezer” that keeps your food colder longer in case of a power outage. A bad storm recently came through the area I live. The power was out for about twenty-four hours. Because our chest freezer wasn’t full I thought we would lose the food, especially when I heard chunks of ice falling inside the freezer. But the food inside was still solid when the electricity was restored. Some time ago I put a bag of ice in the freezer, along with plastic jugs of water. During the power emergency I bought two more small bags of ice and added them to the freezer. I think this, along with not opening the freezer, helped keep the food, and kept us from the expense of having to replenish our supply.

P. Booher


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