Inexpensive Car Air Freshener

Are you tired of those car fresheners that leave a harsh chemical scent behind? Here’s an idea for a cheap, highly effective air freshener that won’t offend your nose. It’s no farther away than your kitchen!

Simply put ground cinnamon, cloves or a mixture in a plastic container (a peanut butter jar, for example) that has a few holes poked in the lid and set it in a place where the jar remains upright. Within a few hours, the car will smell like apple pie!

I discovered this one day when I transported a wet black Lab in my mother’s car. The dog was friendly; the odor he left behind in the wagon was not.

Since allergies are a problem for my mother and me, I sought a solution that would not bother our sensitive noses. I remembered using ground cinnamon or cloves in a teakettle of steaming water to deodorize the kitchen, so I found an empty container, put the cinnamon/cloves in it and set it in the wagon. That evening the wet-dog smell disappeared!

P. Booher

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