Save Money – Start House Plants From Cuttings

You can start beautiful house plants for next to nothing.

Have house plants, but want to try different kinds – but don’t want to pay nursery or department store prices?

Here’s an idea – start a plant exchange! Get cuttings of family, friends, and neighbor’s plants in exchange for plants you have.

Plants that do well from cuttings (recommendations come from a person with a green thumb.)






Spider plants (You want to take the “little spider” offshoots as the cuttings)

Snake plants

Rooted, African violet leaf ready to plant

Most of the above plants are easy to take care of and begonias and geraniums have beautiful flowers. Begonias, coleus, and philodendrons are available in different varieties with different colors of foliage.

A bonus is that some plants, such as spider plants, add oxygen and purify the air in a room – an important bonus, given that homes are insulated tighter now to keep energy costs down and to make homes more comfortable.

P. Booher

Check the sites below for information on propagating some easy to start species.

Geraniums –

Coleus –

Fig –

Gloxinia –

African violet –

Ivy –

Philodendron –

Snake plant –

Christmas cactus –

Spider plants –

Trileaf wonder –

Begonias –

Unusual Plants that can be Started at Home

young pineapple plant

Young Pineapple Plant

(These plants also make excellent science projects for the kids!)

avocado –

Pineapple –

Sweet potato vine –

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