Saving Money While Out and About

A savings of almost $200.00 a year on a couple of drinks a week!

While driving around doing errands I like to have something to drink (preferably tea) available.

To avoid paying anywhere from $1.49 to $1.99 per 16 oz. container at a convenience store, I make my own before leaving the house.

I keep a jar of store brand instant tea on hand and make a cup as I need it. That way, I save time and money by not stopping for something to drink while out shopping or running errands. Saving $2.00 or so a glass may not seem like much at one time, but that can easily add up to more impressive amounts, when I figure it out over the course of a week or a month.

P. Booher

Quick Inexpensive Sweetened Iced Tea Recipe


1 10 cup coffee maker, 1 gallon juice jug, funnel, 5 tea bags, 1½ cups of sugar or an artificial sweetener that measures the same as sugar, cold water, lemon juice to taste or a pack of your favorite Coolaide (optional)


Put ten cups of water in your coffee maker, remove the tags from the tea bags and place teabags in the pot, turn on the coffee maker. Turn off the coffee maker when all of the water has run through, allow the tea to steep for half an hour to forty-five minutes. Using the funnel, pour the sugar or sweetener and lemon juice or Coolaide into the jug. Add the tea. Fill the rest of the jug with cold water, place the lid on the jug. Holding the lid firmly, shake well.

Pour into glasses with ice, or chill for four hours.

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