Save Yourself Some Stress–Use Humor

I have a cold. Now when I get a cold it’s not a “discreet” cold. By my definition, “discreet” colds are when a person announces she has a cold and I look at her and she looks fine to me. When I get a cold anybody who looks at me knows I have a cold–cherry-red nose, watery eyes–a typical, old-fashioned cold that specializes in making me feel miserable.

I don’t let the cold get the upper hand in making me miserable too long. I combat it with humor.

I announce to co-workers, “I’ve got a cold. Do you want it? It’s free!” The result is a giggle or laugh and an emphatic, “No! I don’t want it! You can keep it!” Then I pretend to have a hard time figuring out why no one wants my cold. After all, it’s free and people usually want something that’s free, right?

Ridiculous? Of course it is. But this approach serves two purposes. It pokes fun at the cold that is annoying and is causing a degree of stress, and it gives co-workers something to laugh at. It eases stress on two counts, and that makes the day better for everyone.

Another weapon in my arsenal against colds is my supply of funny videos and DVDs. Recently I watched “Night at the Museum–Battle of the Smithsonian” featuring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, and other human and computer-animated actors. Sure, it’s a kid’s movie. But the wildly improbable plot, humorous dialogue, and numerous action scenes kept me laughing and kept my mind off my cold, at least for a couple hours. The movie did what I wanted it to do.

I’m wondering–How do you use humor to fight stress in your life???

P. Booher

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