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Seeing A Profit

Before anyone gets excited, let me say that this is not a post telling how to see a rise in your investments.  To me, a “profit” doesn’t have to be money or material gain. If the profit is in one of those areas, it doesn’t have to be a large gain, either, for it to be a profit.

OK, with that clarification out-of-the-way, what am I seeing a profit from now? What do I want to see a profit from in the future?

A few years ago  I dug up day lilies from a bed in the front yard. They were overtaking other plants. My mother and I transplanted the day lilies to various spots in the back yard. Every June and July we  see the “profit” from that labor as we enjoy the vibrant orange flowers blooming around the house.

Awhile back I gathered up some courage and submitted a meditation to a magazine. Some months later the magazine notified me it accepted the meditation for publication. WOW! For a wannabe writer, that’s PROFIT! It’s also profit in the material sense, because the magazine pays contributors.

In the future, I want to see “profit” in time spent in getting clutter cleaned up. I define “profit” in that area as the ability to find things quicker and easier, and the satisfaction of having spaces in the house that are empty, with just air occupying them.

I want to get my spending under control. Often I have the “I want it now, I’ve got to have it now!” attitude. If I can achieve this, I’ll save money and definitely have a profit in the material sense.

I’m curious–what are you seeing a profit in now? What do you want to see a profit in later?

P. Booher

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