The Abby Chronicles

Here I am, ready to write my story!

Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter II

I Meet the Furnace

One day I went to use the litterbox. I heard a Roar from this huge box-like Thing behind my litterbox. I didn’t know what to do; I had to use the box, but the Thing sounded as though it was going to attack me!

Fortunately the older human came into the room. She said the huge box-like Thing was called a Furnace. She said although the Furnace was loud and noisy it wouldn’t hurt me, and it stays in one place; it wouldn’t reach out and pounce on me or anything like that. She said the Furnace keeps us warm. Since I am Abby and I am courageous, I used the litterbox.

The older human is right. The Furnace is loud but it provides heat. The Furnace is Good!

©P. Booher

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