Making Life Easier

I think people often feel powerless in their lives, given that decisions made hundreds, or thousands of miles away can affect them directly. Recently a large company announced several of its stores will close  soon. One of the stores is about twenty miles from here. The decision was made at the main office hundreds of miles away.

But each of us do have the power in our everyday lives to make life easier for ourselves and others. This occurred to me one day as I bought stamps at the post office. I enjoy the outdoors, so I like to buy stamps with a nature theme. (Picky–yes!)

This particular instance the clerk asked if the flag stamps would be all right. I hesitated, wanting to indulge my preference, but aware of the growing line of customers behind me. Then the thought jumped to mind: “Make life easier–for the clerk and the people behind you.” So I told the clerk, “Yes, the flag stamps are all right.”

It’s true this is a little gesture.  Little gestures are things within the power of each of us to do, on any day.  Whether it’s putting aside a preference so people can get waited on quicker, allowing someone in the checkout line to go ahead of me,  keeping my mouth shut when I want to give someone a piece of my mind, or any number of other instances, I do have power–power to make life easier for myself and others. I need to remember that when I start to feel powerless and as though I have no influence.

©P. Booher

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