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It Takes Faith

Author’s Note: I offer these thoughts for anyone who might be in a very dark place right now. Originally I wrote them for myself. Now I want to share them with you, in the hope they will be helpful.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

  1. It takes faith–to believe that tomorrow will be a better day, to believe that it’s worth getting out of bed for.
  2. It takes faith–to believe that tomorrow holds its share of joy. The joy may be hidden at first, but it will be there.
  3. It takes faith–to believe that if you don’t give in, don’t give up, but you keep going, God will make it all worthwhile–somehow, someway–if not right away, then later.
  4. It takes faith–to believe that when you have something wrong– physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually–you won’t always have it. It’s possible to develop a mindset that says you’ll always have a certain malady, a certain problem;  this is just the way it’s always going to be. You don’t have to accept that mindset. Instead, you can have the attitude that says, “I might have this thing tonight, but by God’s grace, I won’t always have it!”
  5. It takes faith–to hang on when all seems dark, when life seems meaningless.

Have faith; hang on. Faith is unseen, but it is powerful.

©P. Booher

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Friday Photos–Laying Around and Hanging Out

Cats are masters of the art of relaxing. Here’s proof!  Here’s hoping you can practice some relaxing this weekend!

©P. Booher







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The Beauty of the Un-Important and the Not-Urgent

A few years ago a large branch from an apple tree fell down in the woods on our property. When it fell the only damage done was to a couple young trees. Some time later I took clippers to cut off the smaller branches attached to the large one, but didn’t have time to finish the job. I still haven’t finished that job. You know what–it doesn’t matter! The tree is on our property; the branch that came down is on our property, and no damage to speak of was done. It’s all good!

We have a desktop computer upstairs. I bought it from a friend’s brother. The computer is probably about 20 years old, which makes it probably 120 in computer years. My mother enjoys playing solitaire on it. Lately the computer’s been acting goofy. I suspect the battery inside may be deteriorating because of the computer’s age and the fact that it’s in a room subject to extreme temperature changes. But guess what–it’s all good! It’s not one of those important items that one has to spend money on to repair or replace. It doesn’t matter!

If I sound a bit goofy about this, it’s because I’m celebrating the idea that there are some things around here that don’t have to be tended to. There are a lot of things here in this household that bother me because they truly need done. I know it’s likely they won’t get done, at least for awhile longer. That bothers me.  But–the apple tree and the computer–I can look at them and relax because when or even if they are taken care of doesn’t matter. In a world in which there’s an increasing amount of items that are important, or urgent, or worse yet, important and urgent, I celebrate the beauty of the un-important and the not-urgent.

How about you? Anything un-important and not-urgent you can celebrate?

©P. Booher

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Friday Photos–Kozy Kitties

Author’s Note: My friend Lori suggested “Kozy Kitties” for the title, so I wanted to give her credit. “Kozy Kitties” sounded much better to me than my title of “Comfortable Cats”.

Today’s Friday Photos switches from scenery to cats–cats enjoying the comforts of  home.


Pumpkin and Tiger –cats are known as heat-seekers, and these brothers prove it!


Boots came to me from a neighbor who couldn’t keep him any more.

Pumpkin and Tiger, along with their mother, brother and sister, were feral cats. After months of dry cat food and milk  the felines decided they really did want to be indoor cats. The above picture shows that while they had to give up the freedom (and dangers) of life in the wild, they learned to appreciate household comforts.

Boots arrived much later. After a few anxious days of hissing, growling, and some feline boxing, the resident cats, of whom two were Pumpkin and Tiger, tolerated Boots.  (I think it helped that Boots was a big cat, as big or even a little bigger than Pumpkin, Tiger, and their brother Shorty.)  Boots tolerated them–a huge step for him because he had been the only cat at the neighbor’s. It required some patience but gradually everybody moved from tolerance to acceptance.


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A Thought About Money

This is one of those tips about money management I keep in mind when needing to make a major purchase. I thought I’d pass it along.

One day a relative of mine told me of a time when he was working for a wealthy man. The man told my cousin that many people can afford to buy a nice, big house, or a nice luxury car. The maintenance costs after the purchase are often what breaks them. His tip: When thinking of making a major purchase, consider the maintenance costs also. How much will insurance be? How about regular upkeep? What about repairs?

This was food for thought for me in 2015 when my old car needed replacement, as it would no longer pass inspection. It helped steer me in the direction of buying a smaller car than I originally wanted.

©P. Booher

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How’s Your Love Life?


big red heart on dark background

Photo by Kaboompics .com on

One day I was angry at myself because I hadn’t accomplished as much as I wanted. Inwardly I beat myself up for it, and then of course, felt even worse. (Ever do that to yourself?)

As I went through some old papers my gaze fell on one entitled, “How’s Your Love Life?” The paper was a checklist based on a Bible passage– verses 4-7 of I Corinthians, chapter 13, often called “The Love Chapter” because it  gives aspects of God’s love. The paper listed such qualities as: patience, kindness, humility (ie., not being arrogant, not boastful, not “full of oneself”, willing to put others first), respect for others, forgiveness, and the ability to be slow to anger.

The reader was encouraged to rate himself/herself on how patient, kind, etc. he/she was with family, friends,  and other relationships.

The thought occurred to me: How loving am I with myself? How patient am I with myself? Do I treat myself in a kindly way?  Or do I say things to myself such as, ” You are so stupid! Why did you do that? ” or “You are such a klutz; you trip over anything.” or “I’ll never change; I’ll always be (fill in the blank).

Typed on screen, those words seem harsh; they are.  I keep thinking phrases like the above are motivating, but in reality they aren’t. The attitudes revealed in those phrases actually keep me from making helpful changes, and I spiral downward from there. Negative leads to more negative.

I want positive changes in my life, so  I am moving out of Negative-Land. I need help with the move, so I am asking God for help to  treat myself with the consideration that His attitudes, as revealed in I Corinthians, chapter 13 show.

How about you? How’s your love-life?

P. Booher

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Friday Photos–Spring Fever

The winter here has been relatively mild, so far. I think the warm temps the past couple days gave me a case of spring fever. I’m not the only one though; I noticed buds on the lilac bush and dogwood tree!

I know a lot of people are experiencing a much harsher winter than I am. Enjoy these pictures of spring flowers, taken last year.

Hyacinths all in a row

Hyacinths all in a row



Cheery Sunshine Captured in Flowers

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Simple Ways to Save Money


One simple way to save money is to live below your means. I’m certainly not the first one to say this, but it’s so valuable it’s worth repeating. Consider this scenario:  You want to buy a house. You’ve looked around at properties, talked to loan officers,  and did some number-crunching. If  you can afford a $200,000 house,  think of buying a $150,000 house instead. This principle comes in handy especially if a couple is using two incomes to pay the bills. Circumstances do change and you may find yourself living on just one income.  Choosing to live below your means requires discipline, but it gives you something back– it gives you breathing room you wouldn’t have otherwise. Peace of mind is precious.

Another way to save money is to appreciate the simple gifts God gives freely. I am blessed to see a sunset, to take a walk, to smell the freshness in the air after a summer rain, to discover a flower growing in a crack of the sidewalk.  I appreciate everyday gifts such as shelter, a car, food, clothing, running water, heat, and electricity. I appreciate my health. With it, I can work to make my surroundings and others better. Gratitude and contentment save money.  I am not so apt to run out and buy something I don’t need to satisfy a desire to “keep up with the Jones'”.

How about you? Want to add something to my list?

P. Booher

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Save Stress by Showing Love

Sarah sat at the kitchen table, a tear slowly edging its way down her cheek. A bank statement, a checkbook, and a pile of bills lay in front of her.

Jake, her husband, used to take care of things like that. “Honey, don’t worry, I’ll take care of that. I love you,” he’d say. But now Jake was in the hospital, in a coma. Overnight everything was her responsibility, and she had no idea  what to do. Continue reading


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Friday Photos–Sunshine and Shadows


Sunshine and Shadows on the Creek


Sunshine and Shadows–always a fascinating combo for me

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