The Abby Chronicles

Here I am, ready to write my story!

Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter III


The two humans came in from outside. The younger human took off her outer fur and then, to my delight, lay down on the couch beside me. I got up and moved onto her lap. I am, as Mom Sue said before, a lap cat.

The younger human started petting me. I was pleased. As a cat living with humans, I figure one of my main purposes is to place myself in positions so humans pet me. Petting a cat lowers human blood pressure and relieves stress.

Cats instinctively know this; we cats instinctively know many things–that’s one reason we are mysterious.

The Great Creator gave cats and all animals knowledge to live their lives just as He gave humans knowledge to live their lives. Instinct is the knowledge the Creator gave animals. He gave instinct to humans too, but the humans spend time looking at what they call “books” and doing what they refer to as “reading”, so the Creator gave humans other knowledge He did not choose to give cats and other animals.

I, Abigail, am OK with that. It’s His choice. I am a cat; I have dignity; I have a place and purpose in this world.


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