Simple Ways to Save Money


One simple way to save money is to live below your means. I’m certainly not the first one to say this, but it’s so valuable it’s worth repeating. Consider this scenario:  You want to buy a house. You’ve looked around at properties, talked to loan officers,  and did some number-crunching. If  you can afford a $200,000 house,  think of buying a $150,000 house instead. This principle comes in handy especially if a couple is using two incomes to pay the bills. Circumstances do change and you may find yourself living on just one income.  Choosing to live below your means requires discipline, but it gives you something back– it gives you breathing room you wouldn’t have otherwise. Peace of mind is precious.

Another way to save money is to appreciate the simple gifts God gives freely. I am blessed to see a sunset, to take a walk, to smell the freshness in the air after a summer rain, to discover a flower growing in a crack of the sidewalk.  I appreciate everyday gifts such as shelter, a car, food, clothing, running water, heat, and electricity. I appreciate my health. With it, I can work to make my surroundings and others better. Gratitude and contentment save money.  I am not so apt to run out and buy something I don’t need to satisfy a desire to “keep up with the Jones'”.

How about you? Want to add something to my list?

P. Booher

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