The Beauty of the Un-Important and the Not-Urgent

A few years ago a large branch from an apple tree fell down in the woods on our property. When it fell the only damage done was to a couple young trees. Some time later I took clippers to cut off the smaller branches attached to the large one, but didn’t have time to finish the job. I still haven’t finished that job. You know what–it doesn’t matter! The tree is on our property; the branch that came down is on our property, and no damage to speak of was done. It’s all good!

We have a desktop computer upstairs. I bought it from a friend’s brother. The computer is probably about 20 years old, which makes it probably 120 in computer years. My mother enjoys playing solitaire on it. Lately the computer’s been acting goofy. I suspect the battery inside may be deteriorating because of the computer’s age and the fact that it’s in a room subject to extreme temperature changes. But guess what–it’s all good! It’s not one of those important items that one has to spend money on to repair or replace. It doesn’t matter!

If I sound a bit goofy about this, it’s because I’m celebrating the idea that there are some things around here that don’t have to be tended to. There are a lot of things here in this household that bother me because they truly need done. I know it’s likely they won’t get done, at least for awhile longer. That bothers me.  But–the apple tree and the computer–I can look at them and relax because when or even if they are taken care of doesn’t matter. In a world in which there’s an increasing amount of items that are important, or urgent, or worse yet, important and urgent, I celebrate the beauty of the un-important and the not-urgent.

How about you? Anything un-important and not-urgent you can celebrate?

©P. Booher

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