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Something To Give When I Thought I Had Nothing

Some years ago following the death of a family member, I was restless and depressed. Too much time on my hands meant I was thinking too much about myself and my loss. I felt empty; I felt as though I had nothing to give to anyone.

Someone suggested contacting a local pastor’s wife. She was looking for some volunteer help for a short-term project. I knew the pastor’s wife; she served as volunteer coordinator for the town library when I volunteered there years before.

I called her; she wanted someone, preferably with library knowledge but not a church member, to reorganize the church library. Since I had experience working in the town library but wasn’t a member of the church her husband led, I met her preferences.

Reorganizing the church library turned out to be one of the best jobs, paid or unpaid, I’ve ever had. It rescued me from the doldrums and morass of self-pity I fell into. It taught me that even when I thought I had nothing to give, I did have something to give.

If you are feeling down and stuck, look around! Someone may be seeking a person just like you to lend a helping hand–a person who thinks he has nothing to give.

P. Booher

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Friday Photos–Boulders!

Any direction I walk on the nearby trail I look up and see rocks and boulders.  I am fascinated by the size of those boulders. They are huge! Some are in layers, and some appear to have trees growing out of them. Of course, I know trees can’t grow right out of rocks. Over time, dirt either washed in or blew into a little depression in the rocks, and a seed found its way into the dirt. As time went by, the seed became a sapling, and the sapling a tree. Nature is an opportunist!


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It Takes Faith–Resurrection Sunday

And he (Jesus) said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”  (Luke 18:27) KJV

Today Christians celebrate Easter Sunday, also called Resurrection Sunday, because Jesus  the Messiah arose from the dead on this day over 2000 years ago.

For me, the spring bulbs that come up every year are among the proofs God offers for belief in Jesus’ Resurrection.

The first time I took the dirty brown crocus, daffodil, hyacinth and tulip bulbs  out of the bags I thought, “You mean I’m supposed to plant these;  they’re dead!” But you know what–the following spring beautiful colors emerged from the soil where those dead bulbs lay. Every year, the flowers come up. God enables life and beauty to sprout from death.


Hyacinths all in a row


Daffodils–sunshine in flowers!

In the same way God enables life and beauty to come into our lives and then from our lives as we are in relationship with Him. For many years I lived  without hope that  life is truly worth while. Now I realize that because of Jesus’ death and resurrection there is hope and there is possibility.

If you are wondering if life is really worth while, I urge you to consider the cross and the empty tomb. Cry out to God Who loved you enough to die for you and then three days later, create a miracle and rise for you. Dare to believe He did the impossible then, and He’ll do it now. It takes faith.

P. Booher

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