Friday Photos–A Remedy for Restlessness

This afternoon I felt restless. After I threw a couple loads of clothes in the washer I couldn’t get settled down to doing anything else constructive. I almost went grocery shopping, but I was just shopping yesterday. Thoughts of being in a store today weren’t appealing. In fact, the longer I was in the house the more restless I felt.

What did I do? I prayed about my restlessness,  grabbed a coat and  headed out into the bright sunshine. I fed the birds, then walked on a nearby nature trail. Spending time outside is relaxing to me because nature has no agenda. It just is.  The trees don’t try to get me to buy anything; the boulders don’t bellow any propaganda; the gurgling and babbling of the creek as it rushes over and around the rocks doesn’t contain any hidden messages. Nature is, and that simplicity and the beauty of the woods brought a peace to me that hours later I am still enjoying.

If you’re inside, longing for the outdoors, and can’t make it there yet, here’s a mental “getaway” for you.

P. Booher





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4 responses to “Friday Photos–A Remedy for Restlessness

  1. Nice photos. I recognize those rocks. It makes me remember my brother and I as youngsters, walking down the track, fishing poles in hand. We spent many summer days lounging on the rocks by the creek, soaking our bait, and catching nothing as the birds sang over head. Good memories.

    • scribelady

      Thanks. I don’t remember what camera I took those with; it might have been a disposable one!
      I knew you’d know the place. Glad to bring on the memories.

  2. Thanks for the photos! When I’m restless, biking usually helps.

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