The Abby Chronicles–I Am a Working Cat!


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter IV

I know cats have a reputation for just lying around. SOME cats may lie around and be lazy. I, however, am Abby. I have work to do–roles to fill.

I am my household’s mouser. I am responsible for keeping the rodent population under control. Please note that even though I have only one good eye and one good ear, I caught and killed a mouse. The smelly little thing was hiding like a coward between the kitchen wastebasket and the sink cabinet. I grabbed it in one swift movement! I bit down hard on its neck, brought it out from the darkness of the battlefield, and dropped it on the rug. The mouse did not move (I knew it wouldn’t; I made sure of that!). The younger human came in, praised me, found a shovel, scooped up the mouse on the shovel and took the pest outside. I think the humans were amazed I could catch a mouse. But–I am Abby, the Determined!

My chief role and the one that takes the most time is that of Companion Cat. I am Companion Cat to my Companion Human. This is important. My Companion Human is home by herself sometimes, when the younger human goes to a place she calls “work” or does “shopping”. (I don’t know what work is like, but shopping must be good, because she often brings kitty food and kitty litter home for me.) Hmm–I digress. Oh–my Companion Human is never lonely because I am here.

You may ask, “What’s a Companion Cat do?”

The short answer is, “Stay around; be where the human is.”

When I see my Companion Human reading, doing puzzles or just sitting in the chair, I jump up beside her. Sometimes I walk on her book, or just for fun, swat her pen while she’s holding it. She says, “Oh, Abby!” Then I start kneading her. She says, “Oh, Abby!” again. She starts petting me; I start purring. Sometimes she brushes my coat. I am pleased. I am fulfilling my role. I am Abby, a Working Cat.

Pardon me– writing about all this work is tiring. I think I’ll jump up on the chair for a catnap.

Abby Sleeping after Work





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2 responses to “The Abby Chronicles–I Am a Working Cat!

  1. Isn’t she a beauty! No one would ever know by looking at her the terrible shape she was in when she was first found. Obviously, her companion humans are taking excellent care of her!

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