The Abby Chronicles–My Beauty Sleep Interrupted


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter V

As a cat, I need a lot of beauty sleep. You’d think humans would know that, don’t you? Especially since I have been living with these humans for some time now.

But no–these humans don’t get it!

I was lying on a kitchen chair dreaming of catching a fat mouse, when the oven door right across from my chair opened with a bang. That did it for my dream. The younger human said something about “making marbelized squares”, made a lot more noise taking things out of the oven, and then closed the oven door with another bang.

I thought, “How rude! Here I am sleeping, and she wakes me up! She has no consideration at all.”

The noises continued–banging of doors, clanging of tableware–as the human got whatever she needed to make the squares. I kept lying there, wishing the human would leave and let me go back to dreaming of the fat mouse. Things got worse, though, because the other human came in the kitchen. Now there were two of them making noises. I heard some strange noises on the table above me, then the oven door opened, closed, opened again and then closed again. Some time later the oven door opened, the human took something in a pan out, closed the door, opened it again, and this time left it open. Hot air came wafting over my way. Just when I thought I’d get up and let the humans know how undesirable all this activity was, they walked out of the kitchen.

Phew! I’m exhausted from listening to all their work. I’ve got to get my beauty sleep!

P. Booher








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2 responses to “The Abby Chronicles–My Beauty Sleep Interrupted

  1. Linette

    Those darn humans. What are we going to do with them.

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