Job Search/Support Ideas

I want to start a job search/support group in my local area. By job search/support group I mean a group that meets to help each member find jobs, or to help people deal with the jobs they have. Some people say there is a need for one, but beyond that, don’t give ideas. While I have ideas of my own for the group, I appreciate more feedback. So in this post, I am throwing out questions for anyone who has looked for a job, or is looking for a job now.

Please note: I welcome any respectful suggestions that indicate some thought has been given to them. However, any sarcastic comments or any comments containing language I deem offensive will be removed.

1. Have you participated in a job search/support group before?

2. If so, how long did it last? How many people participated? What did you like about it? What didn’t you like about it?

3. Were there any topics not covered you wish would have been included?

4. If you haven’t been in such a group, but think it would be worthwhile, what would you like a job search/support group to have? What topics would you like included?

Thank you.

P. Booher



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