A Memorial Day Thank-you to Those Who Remember and Honor

Yesterday I read an article in the local paper that touched my heart. The article was about a man who traveled to Epinal American Cemetery and Memorial in France to visit the grave of his brother who was killed in World War II. Many people, most of them strangers to the man, helped him pay for his trip to France.

What touches my heart and is the reason for this post is that French citizens take it upon themselves to take care of the brother’s grave and some other graves. There are other things those people could be doing with their time, rather than go take care of graves of soldiers they didn’t know, soldiers who came from thousands of miles away and who died a long time ago.

I don’t have anyone in my family buried in a foreign cemetery, but I thank people, like those in France, who set aside part of their busy lives to remember and honor American soldiers who died and are buried far away from home.

P. Booher

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