Inspiring, Motivational Songs

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Music inspires and motivates people every day. The theme song from “Rocky” is often cited as helping people write that novel, paint the picture (or the house), persevere through rehab, and do most any creative, difficult, or tedious work that must be done.

Some favorite songs of mine are:

“Start All Over Again” (1936) made popular by Nat King Cole, and many other singers, “Accentuate the Positive”  written by Johnny Mercer (1944), and “High Hopes”(1953) sung by Frank Sinatra, as well as others. It’s fascinating to me that out of The Great Depression,  World War II and Korean War years came songs that were uplifting, songs with an attitude of never-say-die that went against the hard circumstances millions of people endured. Those were fighting songs, in a sense, as people sought to keep their spirits up.

“I Walk The Line” written by Johnny Cash illustrates a person’s commitment to marital integrity; I give it a broader meaning of personal integrity for me. “The Living Years” sung by Mike and the Mechanics, and “The Heart of the Matter” sung by Don Henley reflect on the importance of forgiving people. “Garden Party” by Ricky Nelson is about being true to yourself, no matter what the crowd says or wants. That’s never been easy. The theme from “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis gives me a mental image of persistence, of  working toward a goal, day in, day out, as I picture the runners on the beach.

“The Work Song” by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass is truly a work song for me; I’ve listened to it while I dust furniture, mop the floors, or paint the porch. Those aren’t my favorite activities, so I really need motivation to do them! “Rise” by Herb Alpert gives me exercise. Even if I’m in a bad mood, I can’t resist dancing to its beat. By the time the song’s over, my bad mood is too; it’s that much of a workout. “Take Five” by the Dave Brubeck Quartet is simply a song I enjoy listening to. “Star Gazing” by Dino Kartsonakis and Cheri Bonar reminds me of moments spent outside looking up at the moon and the stars in awe, wonder, and joy, which leads me to awe of the Creator Who put the moon and stars there. I need those kind of moments in my life. “Stand By Me” expresses the desire many people have of wanting someone to be a support for them. “Live Like You Were Dying”, a song which became a big hit for Tim McGraw, urges people to do the important stuff of life now–don’t let it be buried by the everyday stuff. “Firework” by Katy Perry is a more recent addition to my list of inspirational/motivational songs; while the lyrics express the understanding that a person may feel down, the words also express the conviction that a person has more strength inside than the person realizes. When the individual realizes that, he or she can attempt to do more than thought possible.

I started this post thinking I had just three or four songs on my inspirational/motivational list. I’m amazed at how much the list grew as I thought about it!

Any of your favorites on this list? Any titles you’d like to share?

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5 responses to “Inspiring, Motivational Songs

  1. picturenana

    You are intense with your music reviews, Pat! Sing an energizing song as you serve store customers! Cindy Sumy

  2. picturenana

    Peggy, please forgive me for calling you Pat. Brain restoration! Cindy

  3. “One Day at a Time” would have to be the song that’s holding me together at the moment.

    • scribelady

      Yes, I imagine; you’ve had a lot on your plate for a long time. At work some of us remind each other–“one day at a time”. That absolutely is all we can do, and it’s all we are supposed to do.
      At a later time I want to write a post about hymns which mean a lot to me.
      Thanks very much for your comment.

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