The Abby Chronicles–Abby Goes to the Kitty Doctor


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter IX

Author’s Note: It’s been awhile since I wrote anything. I told my secretary that needed to change! Further, I told her I wanted to take over her “Friday Photos” spot for this week. She protested, but I told her my posts include a picture of me so that counts. Besides, some Fridays she doesn’t post anything. She mumbled something and agreed. I also told her from now on, I want my name listed below my posts. She protested again, but I pointed out she could put her name below mine.

One day the older human announced, “Abby, you’re going to the kitty doctor!” I thought, “Hmmm, just when I thought life here was boring.”

One of the humans brought a carrier into the room and put a thick blanket and a catnip toy in it, and sprayed something that smelled good into the carrier. The next thing I knew the humans put a collar around my neck. The humans tried a couple times to get me in the carrier, and finally I went in. The humans put the leash in the carrier and made sure my beautiful long tail was completely in the carrier before closing and locking the door.

The younger human picked up the carrier and took me out to the car. Now a car, for anyone who doesn’t know, is this big boxy thing on wheels. It was standing quietly in the driveway. The younger human opened the back door and put the carrier on the back seat. The older human sat down beside me. The younger human sat down on the front seat, closed the door, and did something with a key. “Vroom!” said the car, and we were off, out the driveway and down the road where other cars were going.

The older human told me things like, “We’ll be there soon, Abby.” I wasn’t worried. Why should I be? I mean–I’ve faced worse things than riding in a car. I got hit by a car once, and that almost ended all my nine lives.

I overheard the older human tell the younger one how quiet and well-behaved I was. The younger human said, “Remember, one of the cats–either Spotty or Tiger–meowed with every turn of the wheel. Do you remember how Mandy glared at us from inside the carrier?” The humans laughed. Now I didn’t know the other cats the humans mentioned. As for me, I was cool–I’m Abby.

The younger human pulled the car into the parking lot of the veterinarian’s building. I noticed there was a door, “Cat Entrance” and another door down the way, “Dog Entrance”. That vet recognizes that cats hate going into a strange room with strange people and strange dogs, especially big dogs. That vet gets a high-five with my paw!

The technician came in and then after awhile the kitty doctor (a female) came in. They oohed and aahed over how pretty I was. I was not surprised–I’m Abby, after all.

The two humans who brought me said how calm and well-behaved I was. Evidently the felines they had before were nervous, afraid, and not cooperative when at the vet’s. Me–what could I lose by being my serene self? I am Abby, the Courageous (see my first post, here).

The vet gave me a couple shots, and talked to the humans who brought me, and not long after that we left the kitty doctor’s. We got in the car, it said, “Vroom!” again and we came home.

What is the moral of this little adventure of mine? If any felines out there in Blogland hear the words, “Kitty Doctor”, don’t run, and don’t make things harder on yourself by scratching and biting. Be brave. Remember, You Are A Cat! You Can Do This!


P. Booher


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