When I Want to Have a Temper Tantrum

Increasingly I’ve heard life described as a journey. Also, more and more I’ve read that it doesn’t matter so much what happens to me as the way I react to it.  If I put those two ideas together, it means my journey can be smoother than it might be otherwise, or rougher than it has to be, depending on the choices I make.

The day’s journey can be rowdy; as when (or if) I make myself loud, obnoxious, insist that I am right, and demand my own way. In other words, I have a temper tantrum. In so doing, I show I don’t care about anyone else. It’s guaranteed I will make the day  difficult  for cashiers, sales clerks and anyone else around. Those people will, with justification, call me loud, obnoxious and concerned only with myself, and they will be exceedingly glad to see me leave. Do I really want to be like that??

Or, the day’s journey can be pleasant, sweeter for myself and others, if I make my point in a calm, reasonable way, without yelling, screaming, stomping my feet, shoving, or calling anyone foul names; if I handle the decision of those whom I appeal to with politeness and grace, remembering that there is Someone to whom I am accountable when my life’s journey here on earth ends.

It’s my choice; which do I choose?

Prayer: Dear Lord, when I would love to throw a fit because I am so sure I’m right (even though there’s a chance I could be wrong), have mercy on me. Let me see Your perspective, and then my brain can work before my ego, emotions, and mouth. Thank You. In Jesus’ name.

©P. Booher


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