The Abby Chronicles–Abby Goes to the Kitty Doctor (Round 2)


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter XI

I went to the kitty doctor today. I’ve been sneezing and my humans decided I should go to the vet’s. So my humans put me in the carrier and the carrier and me in the car, the car said, “Vroom!” and off we went.

The vet and her assistant were very nice, particularly since they kept putting treats on the table.  Believe me, I kept eating them, too! They were lip-smacking good! (Last time I wrote about being at the vet’s, I forgot to tell you they gave me treats.) I really like that vet.

The vet found out I actually gained a little bit of weight from the last time I was there, though I don’t weigh as much as I should.  I probably gained some weight from eating all those treats today.  🙂

My humans don’t give me treats at home, though from time to time they open up a can of food they eat, either chicken or tuna, and share with me. You ought to hear how I purr then! Boy, is that good.

Oh, I digress. Well, the vet told my human caretakers that sometimes cats get a viral infection, similar to a cold in humans. If the infection doesn’t clear up, it becomes a bacterial infection. The vet said that my humans could give me an antibiotic–whatever that is.

The vet and her assistant left, and I explored the room we were in. I didn’t see any treats on the floor, though I looked different times.

The vet’s assistant came back in, the younger human put me on the table, and voila–the assistant placed some more treats on the table! She put stuff on my neck, but I kept eating the treats.

Finally, my humans decided it was time to go home. They put me in the carrier, put the carrier in the car, the car said “Vroom!” and we went home.

The younger human pulled the carrier into the house. It was a bumpy ride, because the moles have been busy making tunnels underneath the grass. I used to kill moles when I lived outside, but I never ate them. They are disgusting!

Oh, guess what–the humans brought home treats from the vet for me!


P. Booher




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