Nature Notes–Evicting a Feathered Neighbor, Round Two

tilt shift photo of two white bird eggs on a nest

Photo by Mauriciooliveira109 on

I wrote about our discovery of a wren setting up housekeeping on our front porch here.

As I indicated at the end of that post, I thought placing a scented pouch in the plant took care of the problem. However, this evening I took the hanging basket down. As I did so, a startled wren burst out from among the leaves of the plant, startling me. I carefully searched through the planter, but didn’t see any nest. Whether the wren was looking the area over in preparation for another round of nest-building I don’t know. I suspect that every time I watered the plant the peppermint/spearmint pouch lost more of its scent, until the bird didn’t notice it. This time, my mother and I decided to move the plant inside. Round Two over!

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