Nature Notes–Ten Special Joys of Spring and Summer

Queen Anne's Lace and trees

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Some special things I can enjoy only in these warmer months in the Northern Hemisphere–things like–

  1. chimney swifts’ aerial acrobatics as they soar and dive (they remind me of the aerial maneuvers in the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun)
  2. the peony bush blooming (already that’s done!)
  3.  longer daylight
  4.  watching the stars come out–looking for summer constellations–and getting excited when I see one
  5. the varieties of blooming flowers and trees
  6. wild daisies in the yard
  7. wild roses
  8. fireflies (aka “lightning bugs” around here) Their lights liven up the night and provide fun for children as the kids chase them.
  9. lilies-of-the-valley (they are done blooming too, already)
  10. daylilies–ours are the wild variety; they have vibrant orange flowers.

How about you? Any special things in nature you enjoy in the warmer months?

For info. about chimney swifts, check out: https:

For peony bushes:

For fireflies:

For lilies-of-the-valley:

For identifying summer constellations:

©P. Booher

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