The Abby Chronicles–Send the Human to Work!


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter XII

I am a cat, and ordinarily eat canned cat food. I love to eat “people” chicken and “people” tuna–you know, the meat that comes out of cans, like my cat food, but it tastes really good.

The younger human goes to work some days, and most of those days she fixes food to take with her. I don’t get too excited about that, except for those days she opens up canned chicken or tuna people food. Although I don’t see out of one eye well, or hear out of one ear well, there’s nothing wrong with my nose! As soon as I smell that chicken or tuna, I run into the kitchen. Now, mind you, I–Abby, a cat–don’t beg. Begging is for those slobbery, noisy creatures known as dogs. I just sit quietly and look up at her. If she doesn’t give me some of her food right away, I may softly meow. Usually that’s not necessary. She is well-trained and gives me some chicken or tuna right away. Boy, is it good!

Now you know my demand when I haven’t had people chicken or tuna for awhile:

Send the human to work!


P. Booher, secretary


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