Veterans Day–November 11, 2019

group of veterans

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Today is a day in the country I live in to honor veterans who served in the military.  Men and women went overseas (and are still going) to serve, not knowing whether they would ever see their families again.

This day brings memories of my father, who served in the US Army during WWII. Like so many other people, he was just 19 or 20 when he left his small-town home and traveled thousands of miles to Germany and France. He saw and heard sights and sounds no person should ever have to see and hear, as he experienced a part of the inhumanity of man towards man. While he was proud to wear the uniform of a US serviceman, he said that the service took the best years of his life. Beyond that, he said little about that time; I am sure he preferred to put it out of his mind, as much as he could.

I write this post in an attempt to honor my father, and by extension, so many other men and women, who gave up hopes and dreams to serve, often in horrendous conditions. They gave up a lot, more than I (not being a veteran) can ever express. I salute you.

american back view burial cemetery

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