The Abby Chronicles–Looking Out for My Human


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter XIII

Saturday the younger human came home from work tired. She was so tired she almost fell asleep before supper.

After supper she went into the living room, gathered up some blankets and laid down on the couch. She put the blankets on and I plopped down across her legs, thinking, “Oh, how nice. We can go to sleep.” Instead the human opened the book she brought with her. I thought, “What! She’s going to read when she needs to sleep!” Walking up to the book, I placed my paw down on the book, moving the page away from my human’s face. She said, “Oh, Abby!” and started reading again. I put my paw down on the book again. This time she got the message, and put the book on the nearby coffee table.

To prevent her from reading anymore, I laid down on my human so my back was up against her throat, thus making it difficult for her to reach the book. I started purring. A short time later I heard her snoring. I smiled as I fell asleep. I’d done my job; my human was getting the sleep she needed.

I include this chapter in my Chronicles because the humans we felines live with occasionally need our help to help themselves. Cats have no problem with realizing when we need to rest and recharge. Humans seem unwilling to admit they need to rest. They want to get more done. What I’ve found out though, is that humans don’t get much more done; they get grouchy instead. So we cats help ourselves and the humans when we help the humans rest.


P. Booher, secretary


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