What I Am Enjoying Now

Every now and then I make a list of things I enjoy. In a world where it’s too easy to see the negative, it’s good for my mental health to take note of what I find enjoyable.

What’s that list look like now?

Well, here it is–

  • The beautiful green and yellow leaves of butternut trees and the wild cherry trees. The yellow leaves look almost gold when the sun shines on them, and the gold shimmers in the breeze.
  • The songs and calls of the birds which live around here, especially the chickadees, cardinals, goldfinches, thrushes, and titmice, but even the harsh calls of the blue jays and crows.
  • Activities to look forward to–if the Lord permits, I’ve got more to write, more to do. I remember a period when I couldn’t think of anything which I was looking forward to. Now I can, and that’s a blessing.
  • Victories ahead, mentally and spiritually. I’ve won some battles, with God’s help, and I’ve lost some, when I didn’t ask for help or wasn’t aware I could ask for help. I know there are other battles ahead; I also know there are more victories ahead, large and small.
  • Watching Abby the cat chase her tail. That’s always fun to watch. Sometimes she does catch it, briefly, but it always manages to slip away.

Do you have a list you keep in mind?

P. Booher

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love watching the leaves turn at this time of year.

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