Friday Photos–A Trip on the River

Several years ago my mother and I took a trip on a nearby river on an excursion boat. We went upriver probably about twenty miles or so. We went through at least one set of locks, and it was fascinating to be on the boat as the lock mechanisms raised or lowered the boat, whichever was needed. It was an interesting trip, particularly when I thought of all the history which took place on and along that river.

The colors of October
A towboat, pushing a load of barges
Shimmering water

All photos, author’s collection.

P. Booher


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4 responses to “Friday Photos–A Trip on the River

  1. My wife grew up in upstate NY-near the Mohawk Valley and the Erie Canal. These pictures look similar to the region.

  2. scribelady

    The area pictured is south of the Mohawk Valley.
    Thanks for liking and commenting!

  3. Looks beautiful! I love trips on boats. It is great for taking in scenery at a leisurely pace.

  4. scribelady

    It was beautiful and peaceful. Upriver, there’s much more open space than downstream. You’re right–you can take in the scenery at a slower pace–you can enjoy it more.

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