Friday Photos II–A Moment In Time

Yesterday I took an outdated pack of crackers to the back yard. The crackers probably would have been OK for me to eat, but I thought, “I want to be outside for a little while. I’ll throw the crackers out for whomever–ants, birds, or squirrels–will eat them.” So I went out back, and as I tore the crackers up and threw the bits on the ground, I stopped, soaking in the beauty and quiet of the winter woods. I walked towards the big pine tree, taking note of the patterns of the bark on the maple and cherry trees, and watching the creek as it wound its way. I thought how nature just “is”; it doesn’t have an agenda. The creek gurgled along; the deciduous and evergreen trees stood tall. As I went “sightseeing” in the back yard, the peace and quiet of that moment settled in me, and it remained there for a long time, even after I went back in the house. I could feel that peace smoothing over the rough edges of living in the tumult of man’s world.

Enjoy some “sightseeing” today! 🙂

All photos: author’s collection.

©P. Booher


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5 responses to “Friday Photos II–A Moment In Time

  1. Amen. Nature simply IS. It doesn’t have an agenda. Such walks in God’s creation are restorative! You’ve inspired me to talk one today. Blessings.

  2. scribelady

    I hope you found such blessings as I did.

  3. I never tire of good nature photos. Yes, never underestimate the backyard

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