Friday Photos–Town Cat, Country Cats

Snowball was a town cat for most of his life. When we moved to the country, he came along.
Spotty was born outside, but adapted well to indoor life.
Babe was Spotty’s one and only kitten. She lived to be almost twenty years old.
We were pretty sure Mandy had lived in a house at some point, but when we first saw her, she was walking up the railroad tracks.
Shorty, “laying around and hanging out”. He was one of Mandy’s kittens.
Pumpkin was Shorty’s brother. After he got used to me, he didn’t mind getting “up close and personal”.
Tiger was another one of Mandy’s litter. He was eleven months old when he came into the house to stay. He was scared at first, but adjusted well to the indoor life.

All photos: Author’s collection.


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2 responses to “Friday Photos–Town Cat, Country Cats

  1. I enjoyed the cat walk. Blessings.

  2. scribelady

    Thanks. I enjoyed the memories! 🙂

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