I’m Glad I’m Not A Celebrity!

I used to work as a cashier at a grocery store. Since I was at the front-end and couldn’t walk too far away from the cash registers, I had a front-row view of the tabloids on the magazine racks alongside the register stands.

From my time gazing at the cover headlines in between ringing up people’s orders, I concluded I’m glad I’m not a celebrity! There’s benefits to being a regular person.

Think of it—I can come and go as I want—no paparazzi shadowing my every move, waiting to snap my picture at an inconvenient time; no one comments on how much weight I’ve gained or lost; no one says about how much weight Abby the cat gained or lost; no one says it’s a scandal that I don’t wash my car more, or that I don’t banish the dandelions from my front yard. No one cares about my income; no one speculates about “what is she going to do now?”. Nobody says I’m strange because I look up in the sky after hearing a strange bird’s call. (Well, someone might, but I wouldn’t hear the person).

I’m glad I’m a regular person! 🙂


©P. Booher


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2 responses to “I’m Glad I’m Not A Celebrity!

  1. Amen, the blessings we have without realizing it!!

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