Wake Up and Be Amazing

I saw the slogan “Wake Up and Be Amazing” on an item.

For some reason my mind grabbed that phrase and wouldn’t let go. At first, my idea of “amazing” was wake up, jump in the shower, fix my hair in a fabulous hairdo and wear a stunning outfit to work or shopping. Only one problem–nobody ever accused me of having a “fabulous hairdo” or wearing a “stunning outfit”. So I thought, Well, “wake up and be amazing” sounds wonderful, but that’s not me.

Then I thought about an email the lead pastor of my church sent out. He talked about an upcoming day the church set aside to give special recognition to the associate pastors. He said that, “Every day they give 100%. Some days their 100% is more than other days, but they still give 100% every day!”

My mind combined the slogan and the email, and I thought maybe “wake up and be amazing” doesn’t mean the externals of how a person looks. Maybe it means to do what I’m supposed to do whether I feel like it or not, whether I feel “qualified” or not. Maybe “wake up and be amazing” means to do it the best I can, to face whatever life hands me that day as graciously and enthusiastically as I possibly can.

©P. Booher


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2 responses to “Wake Up and Be Amazing

  1. I like how you combined the two ideas. All we can do is all we can do; and 100% may not be the same for everyone or every time. Blessings.

  2. scribelady

    I want to give credit to Pastor Dan. The more I listen to him the more I realize I need to give myself and everyone else grace. As you say, “100% may not be the same for everyone or every time.”
    Blessings to you, too!

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