The Abby Chronicles–I Get a New Toy!

Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter XXII

I wrote here how much I liked playing with my toy that had a stuffed bird on one end. The human held the wand on the other end, and either dragged it along or bounced it. It was a lot of fun pouncing on it.

Well, that toy fell apart and I couldn’t play with it any more. So, I made do by chasing my tail on those odd moments when I wanted to burn off energy. I have a long, fluffy tail, and of course it’s always attached, so I know I won’t lose it. Sometimes I did manage to actually catch my tail, though it didn’t stay caught for long. Sometimes I almost made myself dizzy, too! Then I sat down as dignified as I could be, though it’s hard to be dignified when the humans were laughing so hard.

Yesterday the younger human went away for awhile. When she came home she gave me a new toy! It’s the same kind as the old one. I smelled it; it was definitely new; no other cat had been around it. The human dragged it along on the floor; I chased it and smacked it with my paw, just to let the toy know who’s boss. I am happy to have another toy; I don’t have to rely on my tail anymore!


P. Booher, secretary


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2 responses to “The Abby Chronicles–I Get a New Toy!

  1. This is superb news, Abby. There’s nothing like a new toy! It’s also wonderful to have a nice human around. Enjoy the chase!

  2. scribelady

    Abby will certainly enjoy the chase! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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