The Abby Chronicles–Watching My Human Exercise

Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter XXIII

The younger human moves around on the bed before she gets up. She calls this exercising. I exercise when I chase my tail or play with my toys. The younger human doesn’t have a tail to chase, or toys to play with—poor human!—so she exercises instead.

When I first saw her doing this I thought something was wrong. But she does this almost every morning, so nothing is wrong.

She starts by raising one back leg to her chest several times, then the other back leg. She raises her back legs up straight in the air, one leg at a time, several times. She moves her back paws in circles, then to-and-fro, like I do when I’m swishing my tail. Some days she moves her front legs up-and-down, up-and-down in the air. I laugh inside so she doesn’t know I’m laughing, but some days it’s hard not to meow-laugh out loud. It’s so entertaining!

©P. Booher



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