What I’m Enjoying Now

A list of good stuff, of blessings and things which give me pleasure (in no particular order)

  1. a good cup of tea, either hot or iced
  2. the feeling of satisfaction when I mow grass, do yard work or housework, and see how much neater the area looks
  3. reading a good book, either for fun, inspiration, or education
  4. some spiritual victories
  5. growing in the ability to make a writing piece better
  6. seeing the flowers bloom (it was the peony bush, now it’s wild daylilies) By extension, moments enjoying God’s Creation, simply enjoying it, and being lost in those moments.
  7. finding a way to solve a problem, especially one that’s bugged me for awhile
  8. time spent with friends—ones I’ve known, and ones I’m getting to know
  9. being able to pass on some encouragement
  10. a Bible translation I enjoy reading
  11. the car passed inspection
  12. faith to realize that good things happen in each day
  13. knowing God is for me
  14. looking forward to more personal growth, so I can give more to others

©P. Booher


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4 responses to “What I’m Enjoying Now

  1. A lovely list and so uplifting to read. I’m glad you shared it with us.

  2. scribelady

    Thank you.

  3. What a delightful list! I thank God when I pray, but it’d probably be better if I wrote it down.

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