A Surprising Benefit to My “Favorites” Notebook

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

Years ago I bought an 11×8½ spiral notebook with a photograph on the cover of a creek running through woods.  I decided that notebook would be my “Favorites” notebook. On the inside I wrote, “Favorites—things I liked when I saw them”. 

My “Favorites” notebook starts off with the poem “Refuge” by Lew Sarett, and is followed with passages by Faith Baldwin from her book Living by Faith, and Robert Traver from Anatomy of a Fisherman. The notebook includes other poems; bits and pieces which stuck out as I read different books and articles; newspaper clippings about nature, history, movie reviews; song lyrics, and people stories—people following their creative muses, and people acting in commendable ways towards people and animals. 

I have a few scrapbooks, too, but those I meant to keep in order, and that order got lost in the shuffle of the years (and never taking the time to sit down and arrange photos properly). Most of the scrapbook pages are faded, and not appealing to work at. Somehow it’s easier and more pleasing to me to keep my favorites notebook going. Plus spiral notebooks are meant to be written in, so I can add my thoughts to something I read. The scrapbook pages are not good for writing on.

I found a surprising benefit to keeping a favorites notebook: when I’m in a bad mood, my nerves are on edge, or my spirits are low, taking the time to look through or work on the notebook improves my disposition, calms my nerves, and raises my spirits.

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7 responses to “A Surprising Benefit to My “Favorites” Notebook

  1. I have a favorites notebook, or sorts. It’s a Moleskin brand journal where I jot down a hodgepodge of favorite scriptures, quotes and experiences. My latest copy is 2 1/2 years old, and only a third full. The trick is to save these journals, which is something I haven’t been too good at over the years. I don’t write in my journal everyday, but if something really touches me it goes in there. Blessings!

  2. scribelady

    I used to keep journals, and tried to write everyday, of the weather, or animals I saw, or first happenings of the season (first time I saw chimney swifts in spring, for example) , but that fell by the wayside over the years. I kept mine, so every now and then I can look back (say if I really want to remember what year we had a terribly cold winter–was it 1976 or 1977?)

  3. I love keeping journals for the reasons you wrote! 💚

    • scribelady

      Yes, journals are great to keep for many reasons! Right now, mine are very informal, but if something really strikes me as being noteworthy, I put it down, or cut it out, if it’s a newspaper clipping.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. What a great idea for lifting a bad mood!

    • scribelady

      Somehow, it works! It’s a great “mind refresher”!
      I adapted that idea for work. I bought 4x 6 notebooks to put in my purse. I copied Scripture verses, inspirational quotes, etc. I took the little notebook to work. Reading what I had put in there took my mind off the dramas, complaints, etc. aired in the break room. Sometimes an idea for a blog post formed, and before I forgot about it, I jotted it down in the little notebook. Now, the little notebooks are great for taking to the dr.s office or anyplace I might have to wait.

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