Re-blog: Advice for End Times


Advertisements abound in magazines, on the internet, and on television. “Make this investment!” “Prepare your portfolio!” “Buy gold.” “Diversify.” “Protect your riches, your retirement, your way of life!”

I believe in being a wise steward, but the fifth chapter of James begins with a warning to those who put riches first. While being well off is not a sin, making riches a priority over God is. It is clear from the scathing remarks in verses one through six that riches will not get me where I want to go.

After that warning, though, James offers some advice to believers (I know the advice is to believers because he called them ‘brothers’). His advice is for the time before the coming of the Lord, time that scripture tells us will become more and more challenging. Timely advice for sure.

Be patient. Twice in verses seven and eight, James tells believers to…

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