The Abby Chronicles–Tidbits From Abby

Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter XXVII

  1. I provide a massage service to my humans—I knead them. This habit I picked up when I was a kitten at my mom’s side.
  2. The younger human says I have a “rumbly” purr. She says she likes my rumbly purr. 
  3. Sometimes the younger human calls me “Fluffy Tail” or “Fluff Tail”.  Other times, she calls me “Big A”. She greets me with “Hi, Big A!” Every now and then she calls me “Her Furriness”. I have no idea why she gives me nicknames—it’s a weird thing she does. (Have you ever noticed how many weird things humans do?)


P. Booher, secretary


This is the last issue of “The Abby Chronicles” I am posting.

Abby, our wonderful Companion Cat and the inspiration for “The Abby Chronicles” died. She had major problems and was going downhill. As I posted at “The Younger Human and I Fight!” she resisted vigorously as I gave her medicine or food through a syringe. She turned her head every which way. She batted the syringe out of my hand. Both of us got stressed out.

After consultation with the vet, I made the appointment no pet owner wants to make.

My heart feels as though it is breaking into a thousand pieces. Those who’ve let an animal into their hearts will understand; those who say, “Oh, come on! You’re being a bit too dramatic! It’s just a cat!” have never known the joy, fun, and yes, pain, of sharing their lives with a cat.

Abby brought so much joy and laughter into our lives, as when she chased her tail (rarely, catching it); when she pounced and swatted at her toy as one of us held it; when she used the litterbox and then came running out so fast you nearly got knocked over, as though she had to get away from the stinky thing that came out of her.

Abby gave our house an air of dignity, with the way she carried herself, fluffy tail held high.

Most of all, Abby was a great Companion Cat. Three weeks ago my mother had a tooth removed. As soon as my mother got settled on the recliner, Abby jumped up on her lap. She spent her time there or perched on the arm of the recliner. She sensed my mother needed comfort, and she gave comfort the best she could.

Abby was a beautiful, wonderful cat, and I miss her so much.

I hope you have enjoyed reading Abby’s views on living with humans.

©P. Booher

Photo Credit: S. Craig —— Abby


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4 responses to “The Abby Chronicles–Tidbits From Abby

  1. Oh I am so very sorry that the time came to say goodbye to your beautiful Abby and completely understand the gapping hole you are feeling in your heart. Our relationships with our beloved pets are something unique and special. I am so glad you will have Abby’s chronicles to look back on with a smile and a tear in the years to come.

    • scribelady

      Thank you for your understanding and condolences. Pets provide so much. I believe God gives us pets as a way of softening the sharp corners of life. We had not had any pets for awhile before Abby came. My mother said she wanted a cat for company while I was at work. Not long after that, my good friend Sue emailed me, asking if I knew of a quiet home for a cat. She sent some pictures of Abby, and after some thought, we said “yes”.

  2. My prayers are with you and your family at this time. I completely understand the sense of loss you feel as well. Many times our pets become closer to us than our human companions. I truly enjoyed the Abby Chronicles, and will miss the adventures of your fluffy friend. May she Rest In Peace.

    • scribelady

      Thank you for your prayers and understanding. In his book, “The Four Loves”, C. S. Lewis said something to the effect that to be involved in any relationship (whether with people or animals) means the risk of pain, but if a person chooses not to get involved, avoiding the possibility of heartache, eventually it is worse for that person. The heart becomes cold and hard.

      I am glad you enjoyed “The Abby Chronicles”; I enjoyed writing them. I hoped people would get a laugh, or at least a grin, out of them.

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