From the DVD Shelf–A Review of The Book of Daniel

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Recently I watched the PureFlix film, The Book of Daniel. Although the events depicted occurred thousands of years ago, you can’t help but make some connections to today’s cultural climate.

The Book of Daniel is an Old Testament book of the Bible. It tells of real people—particularly Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah—who were captured during the fall of Jerusalem and sent into slavery in Babylon, hundreds of miles away in geography, and an alien world as far as religion was concerned. Whereas Daniel and his friends served God, the Babylonians did not know God. They served idols, in many cruel and perverse rituals.

Some takeaways from the movie and the book:

  1. Daniel and his friends were always respectful of the kings (rulers in authority). You didn’t see them in any protests against the government; they didn’t try to change the politics, society, or the culture, which was foreign to them.
  2. Although in captivity, they still served God. They made up their minds to do this and they stayed the course. Surrounded by people and circumstances they never would have chosen on their own, they served God by serving the rulers, except when whatever king was in power (notably King Nebuchadnezzar, the most powerful king in the world) demanded they worship someone or something other than God. Then they quietly, respectfully refused, knowing they could lose their lives for doing so, but also knowing their lives were ultimately in God’s hands.
  3. Loyalty to God wins respect.
  4. Daniel and his friends were committed to the truth. Telling the truth could have easily cost them their lives, but they told the truth anyway.
  5. God’s sovereignty over the world’s rulers is clearly shown.
  6. God hates pride. Pride leads to a downfall, sometimes quickly. 
  7. God honors humility and faith in Him.

What impressed me the most about the movie is that it demonstrated the quiet power of trusting God in situations you don’t really want to be in. This is a movie I will watch again. Interesting fact from “Behind The Scenes”: The lions are real, not computer-generated!

Running time (movie only): 88 minutes.

Special Features: Behind The Scenes, Actor Interviews, Trailers, Spanish Subtitles

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5 responses to “From the DVD Shelf–A Review of The Book of Daniel

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  2. Thank you for sharing your takeaways. I appreciate number one. I long for more followers of Christ to behave in a manner like Daniel and his three friends. When they disagreed they did so with respect.

  3. scribelady

    Yes, the book stated that, of course, and the movie illustrated that beautifully. I believe quiet respect in situations like that has a much deeper impact than loud protests. It was one of the aspects of their behavior which gained them respect from a pagan king, who was known for his ego and violent temper.

  4. Thank you for the review. The Book of Daniel has always intrigued me.

    • scribelady

      Thank you for reading and commenting. The movie does not go into the later visions and prophecies of Daniel; but it does depict the more familiar parts of Daniel’s life. It brings to life the tension of remaining true to God in an alien culture, as well as how God rules over the nations. One king rises, then falls, and another rises. Through it all, Daniel and his friends kept their faith and integrity.

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