Re-blog: What Measures the Worth of a Life?

In a world so caught up in getting value from doing and getting ahead, here’s something well-worth reading.

Mustard Seed Blog

Have you ever prayed “God please use me ”? Do you ever feel less accomplished, gifted, or useful than those around you? Then you’re in good company because nearly everyone I spoke to before writing this admitted to feeling that way at times. Including myself. We tell ourselves “everyone else has so much more to ‘offer’ than I have.”

Why is it that we think the Christian life is all about usefulness? God doesn’t need me. I am not indispensable in the kingdom – none of us are, even the great podcaster on social media who has umpteen thousands of followers.

God Delights in YOU

God delights in you, not because of anything you can bring to him or do for him, but simply because you are his beloved child. Thinking of my relationship with own, now adult children often brings clarity to my heart when viewing…

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