A Father’s Love

Some time ago while trying to park my car “exactly right” in my doctor’s lot, I heard the horrible crunch of metal on metal. I had backed into a pickup truck. The truck suffered a couple scratches on the side of the tailgate; my little car took the brunt of the damage with a smashed taillight, and severely dented side panel.

The truck driver came out of the doctor’s office; I told him what happened; and I reported the accident to my car insurance company. I was so upset, and I remember the insurance representative calming me down over the phone, saying, “You didn’t mean to do it. That’s why it’s called an accident.”

A couple weeks later I drove to work thinking about the accident and feeling low. Inwardly, I quivered at what my father would have said about it. First, it would have started with, “How could you be so careless?! Why didn’t you let the car stay where you had it?” From there on in, it would have been all downhill. Finally I prayed and asked God for His perspective, for His help, because I couldn’t stand how I was feeling any longer.

He quietly asked, “What criteria did you use in your thinking right before you started feeling “ashamed”, “stupid”, and of low self-worth?” I said, “Umm, I guess performance.”

He replied, “That’s not the way I value your worth in My Kingdom. The world values your worth by your performance, but if you want to be in MY Kingdom, you have to look at things the way I do. You have worth to Me because I love you; I created you, and My Son died for you. That’s where you get your worth. Performance is not a good way to value yourself. You will never be able to do everything perfectly in this world—there’s just too much. If you use how you do or don’t do things to measure your worth there will always be something that can cause your sense of self-worth to plummet. But if you value yourself as I value you, that will not be an issue.”

©P. Booher


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9 responses to “A Father’s Love

  1. Amen sister! You never need to measure up to the world’s standards, His measure is infinity more accurate at measuring eternal worth. God bless you today.

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  3. Great post! We let the world dictate our worth far to often. Thanks for reminding me that it is our Father that loves and values us, not the world!

  4. scribelady

    Thanks, Alan. Yes, it’s good that we don’t need to measure up to the world’s standards. God bless you, too.

  5. A great reminder! Thank you!

  6. What a wonderful realization! I really need to hear this.

  7. scribelady

    Yes, I know what you mean.

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