Friday Photos–On the Mild Side

Several years ago my mother and I took a bus trip to ride a pontoon boat on a river—just for something different. The river is noted for its rapids. While I don’t remember the particular classification for the rapids, I do know it gives riders quite a thrill. My mother and I, however, shunned the “wild side” and went in the other direction, on the “mild side”.


The only “white water” we experienced!

All photos from author’s collection.

©P. Booher


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2 responses to “Friday Photos–On the Mild Side

  1. Beautiful! That’s about as much rapids as I would want to ride too.

  2. scribelady

    I read someplace that some people are wired to seek out high adrenaline situations; other people are not. I’m definitely in the “not” category. I leave riding challenging rapids, climbing rock faces, or anything like that to someone else.

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