Friday “Walks”–Everybody Is A Somebody to God

Photo Credit: P. Booher

The world loves “somebodies”. People aspire to be “somebody”. Somebodies have money, good looks, power, influence. Somebodies are looked up to, sought after, recognized. If you are a somebody, you’re important. You are worth knowing. If you are not a somebody–well, you’re not important. So says the world.

Guess Who says differently? God does, that’s Who. 

The world and God look at things in two different ways. One arena where this is evident is in the importance of the individual. The world thinks individuals are important if they have money, if they perform well and have a lot of achievements. If they have good looks, so much the better. God thinks individuals are important because He loves them. They are made in His image.

God loves not just the strong, the healthy, the athletic, the president of a company. God loves the 40-year-old woman or man with the mind of an 18-month-old who requires 24/7 care. God loves the baby aborted. God loves the once productive person who is now in the tangled web of drug addiction. God loves the elderly woman or man who can’t hear well, can’t get the right words out, and whose days of being productive on a job are only memories. God loves the woman or man putting in long hours on a production line, serving food in a restaurant, or stocking shelves in a store. The person works hard, but still struggles to make ends meet.

I am thankful a person doesn’t have to do anything to be important and valuable in God’s eyes. The things which make a person important in the world’s eyes can change quickly. Those things—money, performance, achievements, and looks—are only temporary, anyway. But what makes a person important to God will never change.

Consider some Scriptures: Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:7, 21, Psalm 139:13-18, Matthew 3:17 (Note: God said this about Jesus before Jesus began His ministry.)

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2 responses to “Friday “Walks”–Everybody Is A Somebody to God

  1. These are good thoughts, sister P. As Jesus told the sneering Pharisees: what is highly valuable to man is detestable in God’s sight. In other words, the things they cared about—money, prestige, and worldly power were like houses of cards compared to God’s true riches. Both sides of my family have always been farmers. My mother and father were the first generation to do something else. My mother’s parents, in particular, were godly people who worked the land for a living. They were never rich, but they were rich in the Lord. Great post. Thank you for sharing, and God Bless.

  2. scribelady

    Thank you. I must confess, though, that post was written (in part) to remind myself of that fact. Blessings to you, David!

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