Friday “Walks”–Walking a Different Way

Photo Credit: P. Booher

It occurred to me that any time I act in a way I’m supposed to in order to please God (choosing humility over envy, for instance) and I don’t act in a way I am used to acting, I am taking a step forward in faith. To me it’s in faith because it’s choosing a different attitude than I’ve done before. I’m “walking on different ground”, so to speak. For me, it takes a bit of courage because attitudes and thought patterns can become so engrained in your heart and mind that it seems those old patterns are what you are to do. But those old patterns don’t lead to happiness, joy, and peace. The new patterns do, and that’s refreshing and calming.

Scriptures to consider: Romans 12:1,2,9-21, Romans 15:13, 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18, James 1:19, 20, Psalm 1:1-3, Psalm 34:4, Psalm 37:1,2,7

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6 responses to “Friday “Walks”–Walking a Different Way

  1. doerrsherryyahoocom

    I like this Peggy! Your posts always are spot on to what I experience! Thinking of you both and pray you are well! Love you both! Sherry d

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  2. I hear you, P. Patterns can easily become ruts. It’s good to break out of these—under God’s direction. Thank you for sharing the scripture verses. I will read them! Blessings.

  3. Excellent scriptures for establishing new thought patterns. I need to post-it many of these scriptures at eye level so they are front and center in my mind.

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