Unrealistic Expectations=Burdens I’m Not Supposed to Bear

Last summer I realized Abby, the Companion Cat for our household, was declining in health. I took her to the vet’s at least a couple different times, and did what I could. After awhile I thought, “This is a fight I can’t win”.

As I look back on that time I wonder why I ever got on that train of thought. First of all, it made the situation too dramatic. Secondly, it put too much pressure on me. It wasn’t a “fight”—and as far as “winning”—did I actually think if Abby pulled through, she would never die? That’s ridiculous. Animals live, but eventually they die. We’ve had several cats, and a few dogs, and over the years, they all died.

I suppose the reason I got onto that train was my anxiety over my mother’s health. After years of enjoying good health, my mother encountered various problems. My anxiety over that revved up considerably and influenced my thought processes concerning Abby.

Abby died and my mother is having on-again, off-again health problems. Most days she does well, but other days, not so well. I started to board that thought train again, but remembered words the Lord gave me a couple years ago during another time of anxiety revolving around her care, “Her times are in My hands”.

Reflecting on this takes the pressure off me. Yes, I am responsible for helping my mother and showing her love. No, I am not expected to “win” any “fight”. There is no “fight” to “win”. There is just living with her and treating her as Jesus would were He here physically. The Lord is ultimately in control—of her times and mine.

A few Scriptures to consider: Ps. 104: 29, 30; Ps. 31:15; Ps. 139:15,16

©P. Booher


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4 responses to “Unrealistic Expectations=Burdens I’m Not Supposed to Bear

  1. Amen, Peggy! I sometimes catch myself saying, “I can’t win” about something that’s upsetting me. In reality I shouldn’t even be playing that game. Jesus already fought and one the most important battle every—allowing us to the reconciled to God. Blessings!

  2. Excellent reflections Peggy! I’m sure you still miss Abby’s company. I enjoyed my journey into the Psalms. For the last couple of months, I’ve been praying Psalms 31: 14-15 every morning. It helps put into perspective that which weighs on me heavily.

    • scribelady

      Thanks, Beth. Yes, I still miss Abby. I thought I’d plant forget-me-nots around her grave–that is, if I can get up there before the weeds take over. That’s a good practice of praying that verse, and one I need to start. Perspective is what we need!

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