Friday “Walks”–The Father’s Heart

Photo Credit: P. Booher

Last Sunday morning I stayed in bed too long and got up late to go to church. I was beating myself up for it, and I thought, “God must be angry with me for getting up late again, when I know that makes me late for church.” Then another thought came to mind, “No, but He is saddened that you are making it harder for yourself than it needs to be.”

It occurred to me that God, like any caring father, does not want to see His child make life any harder than it already is. 

Some Scripture suggestions: Psalm 103:13, I John 4:14-16, I Corinthians 13:4-7, Matthew 6:26, Matthew 7:9-11, James 1:17

©P. Booher


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4 responses to “Friday “Walks”–The Father’s Heart

  1. If it is any consolation at all, I have this same battle most days. I have great intentions for the morning with Him but I struggle to rise early. In this though I am sure that the most accusations come from Satan, who uses every little opportunity available to him to beat us down. Father God loves us and wishes the best for us, even when we struggle. May His Spirit be ever near you sister.

    • scribelady

      Thank you, Alan. That is a consolation to me. God is so very loving. Thank you for the blessing, and I return it to you.

  2. Agreed. Satan and his buddies will use anything they can to side track our fellowship with God. Shame is one of his favorite weapons with me, too. But God’s truth is a great remedy. We are complete in Christ–late to church or not! God’s best to you, sister P.

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