Taking a Break from Doing

As I write this I’m sitting outside in the front yard, soaking up the sun. The house inside is chilly, even with the furnace on. On a clear day like today, with the sunshine at full blast, temperatures warm up faster outside than in.

I feel sleepy (probably from staying in bed too long) and not motivated to do anything. My hips, some other joints, and some muscles are protesting last week’s yard work. So I decided to sit in the sun and chill out for awhile, wearing my wide-brimmed hat, long-sleeved shirt and customary blue jeans. I am ignoring the call of the dishes in the sink, the yard needing mowed and raked, and a lot of other items lining up on my to-do list. (I get a mental picture of soldiers lining up for roll call.)

My spirit feels as though I need time to do nothing, to block out responsibilities for a little while. I need time to just be an observer, soaking up the sights of trees and flowers blooming, along with the sounds of robins, Eastern phoebes, doves, goldfinches, orioles, cardinals, and chimney swifts providing nature’s symphony in the background.

Currently I don’t work outside the home, but I do the normal household tasks, along with outside work. I’ve been busy the past few days. Plus, there’s concerns and irritations which get on my nerves and sap my spirit. I need this time of saying “no” to all those things without feeling guilty. The chores and the world can wait for a bit longer. I need to enjoy “being” before I can enjoy “doing” again.

Anyone else know what I mean?

P. Booher

Photo Credit: P. Booher


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6 responses to “Taking a Break from Doing

  1. I can relate to this as my body complains after what would have been light work a few years ago, but now is painful process. I am encouraged that in all these things God is always present, guiding and sustaining me, and leading me to rest now and again. These moments are akin to the Holy Spirit calling me aside for a wee chat and some Heavenly sustenance. God is good sister, may He bless you richly today.

  2. scribelady

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Alan.

  3. doerrsherryyahoocom

    Hi Peggy, I can relate very much so! I also need to allow myself and give myself permission to “just be”! Sometimes we need to refresh and renew our spirit by being still! Thank you for your inspiration! Blessings sent ! Sd

  4. Yes I know exactly what you mean. You listed a beautiful symphony of bird song. We have several Eastern Towhees the flitting among our trees right now. Their songs sounds like they’re saying “Drink Your Tea.” I like to think they are offering up an invitation to come sit a spell on the porch and have a nice hot cup of tea.

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