What I’m Enjoying Now

Photo Credit: P. Booher Begonias on their “Summer Vacation”

Photo by Barbara Webb on Pexels.com

What I am enjoying these days:

  1. sensing God’s Presence in church and being in awe
  2. His Voice bringing comfort to me and giving me insight into His heart
  3. hearing the song of a thrush while I rake grass
  4. the scent of rain in the air
  5. having the window open and hearing the gentle patter of rain on leaves
  6. new opportunities to learn more, do more, contribute more
  7. being able to have the window open and feeling warm breezes
  8. big, beautiful, pink peony blooms which I can bring inside and put in vases
  9. being able to go outside without heavy coats and boots
  10. the sight of the begonias in the bed—my mother and I moved them from their “winter home” upstairs to their “summer vacation” outside. We agree the red begonias accent the grey bricks nicely.
  11. more blessings under the category of things which could have happened, but didn’t: Today I had a flat tire. I was irritated, but realized a couple blessings. The big one was that the flat happened while I was in my own driveway; I was not driving down the road at 50 miles per hour. Had it occurred a few minutes later I would have been on the road. The afternoon was sunny and pleasant, not pouring down rain as it was yesterday. The AAA man who changed the tire patiently answered my questions regarding the temporary tire.
  12. iced tea with a slice of lemon
  13. sitting on the porch reading
  14. having shelter to be out of the rain
  15. anticipation of more blessings, more pleasurable happenings, more spiritual victories

©P. Booher



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4 responses to “What I’m Enjoying Now

  1. He showers us with so many blessings – hallelujah sister! 😁

  2. scribelady

    Indeed, Alan, indeed!

  3. 🎶Count your blessings, name them one by one.🎶 I love it, Scribe Lady. God Bless.

    • scribelady

      Some years ago, working as a cashier, I made the comment to a customer, “I get excited about little things” (the debit/credit machine started working again, and I was real happy about that). The customer replied, “Well, if you get excited about little things, you’ll always have something to be excited about.”

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