Shout-Out to Blogs

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Today I’d like to give a SHOUT-OUT to blogs which help me in various ways. I know I will miss some, but here is my list, in no particular order:

Devotional Treasure by Alan Kearns

The Journey to My Father’s Kingdom by Bethany Marinelli

Mustard Seed Living Blog by Jill Mcllreavy

Kristin Kieffer’s Well-storied Blog (

David’s Daily Dose

Joshua J.

Hannes van Eeden (formerly Wandering Ambivert)

Sue A. Fairchild

The Write Conversation


Long-View Living in a Short-View World

Books and Such Blog

Steve Laube Blog

Lessons from a Lab

The Faithfood Blog

Christian Freelance Writers

Writing Investigations

Inspire Writers

Erin Wright Writing

JPC Allen Writes

Forever Young Aussie Mom

Don’t Lose Hope

Paulson Pulikottil

Gary Fultz


Over the years I’ve found help in each of these blogs. For some, it was help in dealing with anxiety, gaining encouragement, learning how to study the Bible, or simply enjoying what God is doing in others’ lives. For others, it was in showing me how to handle pesky writing problems, letting me know I am not alone in the writing life, or enjoying beautiful pictures. 

These blogs all add value to my life. If you haven’t checked them out, try them! If you have a suggestion or two, please add to my list in the Comments.

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4 responses to “Shout-Out to Blogs

  1. Thank you sister, I am truly humbled and blessed by my inclusion in such an esteemed list! I see some names I am not familiar with and will be giving them a wee visit today. May our Father God continue to guide your beautiful writing for Him, and bless you richly each day.

    • scribelady

      Thank you, Alan! I was thinking of putting the links in, but my internet goes goofy after I’m on it for awhile, so decided to play it safe by simply listing the names. Thank you for the compliment, and blessing. May God bless as you write for Him.

  2. Thank you for the shout-out Peggy! I recognized a fair number of the blogs you shared while several others grabbed my attention and I’ll be checking them out. When I began to blog, I never imagined the beautiful community of writers I would meet including yourself. Your writing has been both edifying and encouraging. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. scribelady

    You are welcome, Beth! You do such a wonderful job of sharing lessons the Lord gives you as you share your life with the dogs. Somehow it’s easier for me to accept those lessons when they have doggy prints on them! 🙂

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